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From individual equipment sitings to overall department layouts to expert consulting, RAD-Planning offers you the assurance of many, many satisfied clients. Click on the select highlighted examples below for more information.

  VA PET / CT Suite w/ Hot Lab (Kansas City)
VA 7T MRI Siting (Columbia)   SVMC CT Magnetic Contam. Survey (Sierra Vista)
Radiology Suite Peer Review (Cincinnati)   VA Rad / Nuc Med Addition Review (Fayetteville)
Sharp Outpatient MRI Suite (San Diego)   UAB Quench Expert Consulting (Birmingham)
MRI Addition Peer Review (Olympia)   Cox ER MRI Suite (Springfield)
BHC In-Service MRI Renovation (Columbia)   Mayo FMD Siting (Scottsdale)
MRI / Mobile PET Suite (Union City)   VA Historic MRI Suite Addition (Fayetteville)
VA Construction Impact Review (San Diego)   Radiology Department Peer Review (Indianapolis)
NNMC Replacement MRI Suite (Bethesda)   FG Quench Expert Consulting (Hattiesburg)
Stanford Multi-Modal Facility (San Francisco)   BHC MRI Suite Masterplanning (Columbia)
MRI Suite Peer Review (Valdes)   VA National Imaging Series Design Guides (USA)

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