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Tech Radiation Lawsuit Update, MRI & PET Guidance, And Why Your PACS System Sucks (Or Used To)!

"Ahhhh, springtime!"

In the part of the world we live in, there are two competing weather patterns. In the winter, cold air spilling from the Canadian Rockies has us firmly in its grip for most of November through February. In the summer, tropical air pushed up from the Gulf of Mexico keeps us reliably steamy from June through August. In the spring, when these behemoths push one another back and forth like sumo wrestlers, things can get pretty interesting! But it doesn’t take the inevitable tornadoes to keep life interesting here at RAD-Planning.

In this month’s issue of The RADIANT, we bring you our usual broad array of topics, including a review of reasons (that most of us had no idea about) for why PACS software struggled, mightily, to keep up with hospitals’ expectations, and why it has started getting better.

And do you remember the feature in the last issue about the hospital and their architects being sued by radiology techs over a claimed lack of radiation shielding? Well we have a follow up for you with the latest developments.

From the facility design side of things, we have two important features… one describes the radiology planner’s role in facility design to prevent MRI projectile accidents, and the other talks about nuclear medicine department layout guidance that you don’t get from equipment vendors.

Also, make sure you return for our next issue because we are working on a feature inspired by questions from you, our readers, and clients. It will delineate the new design and construction requirements for imaging that arise out of the new Joint Commission Diagnostic Imaging Standards.

In the meantime, I wish you good weather, and pleasant reading!

Robert Junk's Signature
Robert P. Junk

Why Your PACS System Sucks
(Or Used To)


Windowed MRI RoomPrecisely at the time when PACS was advancing the fastest, and when the demand was greatest, development of all the leading products was switched off, instantaneously. Instead of the iPhone 5 that you could have had, you were trapped with an old 'brick' phone.…

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Designers' Role In Preventing
MRI Projectile Accidents

11.75 Tesla MRIMRI safety, including projectile safety, is fundamentally an operational concern. But the fact that the daily responsibility falls to staff in no way diminishes the importance of the MRI facility designer. He / she must plan facilities that understand and accommodate not only the basic technical requirements of the MRI scanner, but also the operational and safety needs of a facility to support best practices...

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Detectors & Direction:
Siting Nuclear Medicine Equipment

Cobalt-60 Radiation LabelToo many nuclear medicine equipment site designs are ‘cut and paste’ of a prior scanner room, or from the vendor’s ‘typical’ layouts,’ without another thought. Even if directly duplicating a prior design was OK (it’s not), and even if everything was acceptable about the configuration of the equipment-dependent spaces (scanner room, control room, and system component room), successful nuclear medicine suites depend on the arrangement and composition of rooms beyond these three rooms...

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"Lead Us Not Into Radiation..."

Tomosynthesis Machine By SiemensIn our prior issue of The RADIANT, we included an article on a lawsuit filed on behalf of five radiologic technologists against Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge, TN, and Covenant Health. The technologists claim that they were over-exposed to ionizing radiation because the walls around X-ray equipment were not provided with appropriate shielding...

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RAD-Planning News:
Featured Designer - Robert Junk

Shaking HandsFrom what we see, again and again it is demonstrated to us that the firm name doesn't matter, except when everyone in a firm is there because of their specific expertise. RAD-Planning doesn't offer world-class bed-tower designs, or unparalleled cafeterias, or blindingly efficient central processing areas, or helipads, or morgues... The firm - through all of its personnel - focuses on radiology, nuclear medicine, and radiation therapy.

So, having said that the firm name doesn't count (for much), we thought we'd provide you with a bit more insight into who the individuals within RAD-Planning are...

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