January / February 2016
Here’s a Bright Idea- Stand Out in the Crowd of Equipment Vendors!
by Tobias Gilk, Principal, RAD-Planning

When clients are faced with a seemingly-infinite pool of radiology equipment vendors, what determines their final selection? If all you offer is nothing more than a different flavor of what your competitors offer, then yes, price is likely to be the determining factor. Maybe a brand preference sneaks in… perhaps a personal relationship has some sway. But wouldn’t you prefer that your products came with a unique appeal that allowed you to stand alone in the eyes of your clients?

Throughout the industry, we see increasing movement towards bundled purchases, ‘extended installs’ , and turnkey services. It isn’t enough to bring value in your competitive products… vendors now often need to bring in collaborative services in order to pursue many solicitations. But what if the collaborative service was more than merely a requisite minimum for selling the products? What if the collaborative service brought comparable value to the high-quality product that is the basis of the sale?

In A companion article in this issue (Leverage a Little…), we describe how design services can enhance - or devalue - a piece of equipment. When equipment vendors provide turnkey service with commodity-level collaborative services, they may often reduce the experienced value of their products in the eyes of their customers. This makes it less likely that they will buy again in the future, even if the next solicitation doesn’t involve collaborative services.

So in this environment where healthcare buyers are looking to simplify their paperwork and reduce the number of agreements they have to administer, how do equipment vendors differentiate themselves? When offering a proposal that includes collaborative services, bring in service providers who would be notable for the aligned service's portion of the total deliverable.

Selling imaging equipment? Bundle expert siting services. Selling construction services? Bundle facility-level strategic planning. Selling radiation shielding products? Bundle shield design and architectural integration services. By offering key integrated services, equipment vendors can secure and expand their current client base while setting a new standard for innovative marketing.

By providing expert collaborative services in conjunction with product offerings, not only do equipment vendors differentiate themselves and stand out from the competition, they have the opportunity to increase the value of the products that they sell.


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