January / February 2016

RAD-Planning is back!

We’re simultaneously returning to your in-box, on our every-other-month schedule with our renewed and refreshed RADIANT newsletter, and returning to Dubai for the Arab Health conference and exhibition.

This issue offers content that hits on questions and concerns that are shared between our North American and our Middle East clients.

We discuss the omnipresent pressures to ‘do more with less,’ with direction on where to find the right levers to maximize the value of your imaging capital project to get more function, life, and utilization from each piece of imaging equipment.

If you’re looking at the ever-changing options with respect to molecular imaging isotope production, and the relationship with nuclear medicine imaging services, you’ll want to read our piece that contrasts ‘off the rack’ vs. ‘bespoke’ solutions for radiopharmacy facility planning.

We also circle around to perhaps the smallest (and often overlooked) of individual radiology spaces, the read room. Poor read room design is inhibiting reading efficiency and accuracy, and even leading to workplace injuries. Our article makes the case for greater attention to read room furniture and design.

Globally we see increasing use of bundled contracts, design-build, ‘extended installations’, and turnkey projects. What does it mean to manufacturers and equipment vendors when tenders require collaborative services? How can equipment vendors excel in standing out from their competition with these new purchasing structures?

Thank you to our article guest co-authors, John Doumitt of Greenfield Solutions, and Greg Patrick of RedRick Technologies.

We hope that you’ll find something helpful in each of this issue’s features, and we invite you to pass them along to colleagues who might have an interest.

Welcome back to The RADIANT! We’re so glad to be able to share our expertise with you.

Robert Junk, AIA


Leverage a Little and Gain Everything the World of Imaging Has to Offer.

World markets are demanding smarter, more flexible and efficient ways to build and maintain their healthcare facilities. These trends prioritize lifecycle costs over short-term expenses. RAD-Planning explores ways in which facilities can make their imaging dollars stretch to maximize the effects of each investment dollar and achieve unimagined efficiencies.

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Custom-Tailor your Lifetime Investment.

The field of Nuclear Medicine is often accompanied by vendor-driven facility designs. While these solutions may accommodate the immediate needs for proposed equipment, are they really advocating for the client’s best interest through the most economical solutions? Before committing to a single-solution design, learn how to afford your project flexibility, efficiency, and accommodations for the future generation of nuclear medicine equipment.

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Embellishing the Reading Room: Superfluous Spending?

The Reading Room is an area once occupied by “leftover” space in the imaging suite, but technological advancements and the desire for efficiency make that phenomenon a thing of the past. Learn how your reading room can match the ever-changing pace in imaging technology, while avoiding work-related injury and attracting the best talent.

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Here’s a Bright Idea- Stand Out in the Crowd of Equipment Vendors!

When clients are faced with a seemingly-infinite pool of equipment vendors, what determines their final selection? By offering key services, equipment vendors can secure and expand their current client base while setting a new standard for innovative marketing.

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