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Operations + Imaging Management

Take Control Of Your Medical Imaging.

American Medical Group is a specialty division of RADIOLOGY Planning, with the sole purpose of
providing turn key medical imaging operations, from development to operation. American Medical Group (AMG) provides comprehensive services, including imaging management and joint venture (JV), physician engagement and performance consulting. AMG’s leadership team has been serving health systems, hospitals and imaging centers across the United States for over 30 years. AMG draws upon decades of operational experience and industry knowledge to deliver comprehensive solutions that increase revenue and optimize operations, while improving quality and the patient experience. AMG's industry-leading proprietary systems, protocols, and processes create unrivaled value for customers.

Our Commitment

American Medical Group strives
to provide the best service, quality, care and value in imaging, with a deep belief in treating each patient exactly how we would like our family and loved ones to be treated.

We support our high level of
quality through experience with
state-of-the-art equipment, expertly trained staff and proven, reliable processes. We work to continually raise the bar in each of these areas to assure patients and customers of outstanding quality. Our mission is to help our clients
and partners improve the health
of their communities, one person at a time. We seek to fulfill this mission by focusing on our core values: compassion, personal excellence, teamwork and diversity.

Our Mission

American Medical Group brings
its decades of medical imaging
leadership experience to the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a
leader in the development of medical imaging operations.
American Medical Groups mission is to provide comprehensive radiology solutions, based on our
improvements to cutting edge
North American imaging standards, aligning with the
future of healthcare. We are the only radiology provider with the resources to create greater opportunities for our strategic partners. We leverage our international profile and a broad portfolio of clinical and technical services to support best outcomes.

We make it easy for everyone
involved in healthcare decisions
— administrators, physicians, IT
professionals, technologists —
to work together. Above all, that
includes patients. Recent findings show that patients who are actively involved in their healthcare experience better outcomes and incur lower costs.

Our Values

Our focus is simple, to deliver
high quality, conveniently
accessible care in the most cost
effective manner possible. Quality, access, and value are at the core of what we do — in every new imaging center we establish, every health system that we partner with, every patient we encounter. That is
the AMG difference.

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