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Equipment + Master Planning

Planning Is Essential.

Do you have confidence that your radiology designer has the experience and knowledge to successfully deliver your critical imaging project?

RAD-Planning is a global leader in Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy planning and design. You can trust your projects to our professionals, who will provide you with the specialized experience and knowledge required for the design of World-Class radiology and medical imaging facilities. Because of RAD-Planning’s expertise we can provide more cost effective solutions that provide higher patient throughput, staff efficiency and extend equipment life.

Radiology Is Expensive

In any business, the effective
use of your capital is essential
to success. RAD-Planning
helps our clients and partners
identify cost-structures that
preserve advantage, and not
just squeeze first-costs.
Through financing and
procurement relationships, our
project team can help deliver
equipment and services that
best fit the project's long-term

Quality Is Mission-Critical

Simply buying expensive
equipment is no guarantee of
overall quality. Siting,
workflows, staffing, operations,
and systems for matching the
quality of the purchased
equipment in our partners’
operations are all part of what
the RAD-Planning team

Radiology Is Complex

From the import / export
criteria, to the specific siting
requirements, to equipment
upgrade considerations, to
adapting clinical demands, to
particular construction criteria,
radiology has many
opportunities for poor planning
to punish inexperienced
developers and providers. With
the high capital demands, your
project wants the RADPlanning

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