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Centerpoint Medical Center

Independence, MO

World-class healthcare

Project Description

As an award-winning hospital, Centerpoint Medical Center features state-of-the-art equipment and technology and some of the latest clinical services available to patients. The hospital consistently worked with Radiology Planning for numerous departmental and equipment-specific upgrades over the course of a five year period of time, to date.

Cardio-Vascular Biplane EP Lab
The renovation of a lab in the Cardiology Suite was challenging due to the size limitations of the room, the configuration of the room and the location within the suite. The design solution dramatically modifies the original layout of the room to provide better access for the patient, better working theater space for all staff, and better privacy for the patient. The scope of the project grew into review of the space across the corridor in order to provide better holding areas for patients.


Endovascular Lab
This was an operating room used for open heart surgery, but became too small to accommodate the current requirements. The room was expanded to allow it to function for multiple needs. Now, additional surgical equipment can be placed in the room and additional interventional capabilities can be provided.

Operating Rooms
Two operating rooms that were left unfinished when the hospital was
constructed needed to be built out. We devised a way to increase the available space in the rooms by as much as 30%, without intruding on adjacent functions. These rooms will offer the latest in superior functionality.

Project Details


HCA Healthcare

Centerpoint Medical Center

Project Type:

Medical Services Upgrades


Lytle Construction

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