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Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare

Milwaukee, WI

World-class MRI Suite

Project Description

Presented with the rare opportunity to rethink and rebuild their MRI suite, Wheaton-Franciscan's All Saint's hospital wanted to make the most of what they knew was a challenging site. Using their hospital architect to prepare the plans for permitting and construction, the hospital brought in RAD-Planning to oversee the clinical, technical and safety aspects of the MRI suite design.

The project included a review of not only the planned initial MRI scanners, but also the future magnet in the upgrade path to help assure the suite's usefulness beyond the first scanner. After the technical concept designs were prepared, a full-day collaborative workshop was facilitated at the hospital, encouraging the design input of the MR departmental staff to respond to their specific clinical and operational demands. On-site work also included a close review of construction limitations and identification of potential interferences with MRI operation, which indicated electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing.

With those informational pieces, the suite design was revised to integrate the internal and external factors. RAD-Planning continued through the project, providing design expertise in support of the hospital's design team during construction, helping to assure that the millions of dollars of MRI equipment will function at their peak in support of effective patient care.

Project Details


Wheaton Franciscan


Project Type:

MRI Suite Design

and Radiology Consultation

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