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Pauls Valley General Hospital

Pauls Valley, OK

Global leaders in Radiology Design

Project Description

This MRI project involved the conversion of a former physical therapy suite for a new 1.5t MRI imaging suite to support the existing radiology Department at Pauls Valley Memorial Hospital. The scope of the work included working with the hospital’s radiology department to develop the needed MRI patient support spaces, including patient waiting, dressing areas, in-patient holding and staff offices. The architectural and mechanical designs were closely coordinated with the MRI vendors siting documents for a new control room, scan room and MRI equipment room.

The layout supports the latest American College of Radiology design recommendations for MRI Safety, including 5-gauss field containment, ACR 4-Zone screening protocols, ferromagnetic detection and direct visual control of the MRI suite.The suite also provides for easy delivery and future upgrades of the MRI unit. A section of the exterior wall of the MRI scan room is a full height modular translucent wall system that provides both easy access for the magnet delivery, but also provides natural daylight into the scan room while providing for full patient privacy. All work was done in compliance with the Oklahoma Department of Health.

Project Details


Pauls Valley Medical Center

Project Type:

MRI Suite Design


Lytle Construction

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