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Our Team

RAD-Planning has expert professional architects, planners, designers and consultants. Here are a few of our key staff we'd like you to meet.

Robert Junk, AIA, NCARB


Rob founded RAD-Planning as an outgrowth of his architectural firm (JUNK Architects) and their extended focus on radiology department & suite designs. Licensed architect and NCARB certificate holder, Rob has overseen radiology design and consulting projects throughout the United States.

In addition to presentations to national and international organizations on radiology facility design and publication of hundreds of articles on the subject, Robert is an expert contributor to the VA's Imaging Series Design Guides and co-author of several chapters in the American Healthcare Radiology Association (AHRA) book, Asset Management in Radiology. He is a nationally sought-after expert in radiology facility design.


Carrie Rezac, AIA, Leed AP


As a part of our comprehensive design team, Carrie supplements radiology expertise with certification in environmentally conscious design. Whether it's projects like the Marx Brain Imaging Center (which modeled energy use of 1/2 to 1/3 of conventional designs) or your next renovation, Carrie and the RAD-Planning team integrate your other project goals with highly effective, efficient, and attractive radiology facilities.

Christinia Williams, NCIDQ

A certified interior designer, Christinia fuses expert knowledge of interior finishes, designs, and materials, with the rigorous unique demands of imaging facilities. Whether it's anti-static seamless flooring, scrubbable removeable ceiling tiles, or designs for low-maintenance hand sinks, Christinia has helped RAD-Planning's clients maximize the appearance and life-cycle value of their imaging facilities.


Tobias Gilk, M. Arch.

Tobias has become one of the foremost design consultants for radiology facilities. His body of work includes beam therapy, simulation suites, CT examination rooms, interventional radiology, MRI, PET/CT, gamma camera, ultrasound... in short, he's made a professional practice of focusing on medical imaging.

Co-author with Robert Junk on chapters of the AHRA Asset Management in Radiology book, Tobias is also an expert contributor to the ACR Guidance Document For Safe MR Practices (and the only architect on the committee), the VA's Imaging Design Guide series, and has written and presented to groups as varied as the Joint Commission, ISMRM / SMRT, ASRT, MRMS, and RBMA.


Scott Branton, RA.

Registered architect, Scott Branton, has been practicing architecture, with a focus on equipment-centered projects, for years. From nuclear medicine, to MRI, to one of only a handful of MEG (Magneto Encephalography) machines in the USA, Scott has designed suites, departments, and facilities in support of some of the most sophisticated research and clinical instruments in the world.

Additionally, Scott frequently shares his expertise in the pages of The RADIANT, the RAD-Planning bi-monthly newsletter, and is often an invited presenter at both healthcare and design conferences.


Doug Boyd, AIA.

Doug joined RAD-Planning, and brought a wealth of project experience with decades of healthcare design in his portfolio. In addition to his expertise with imaging and therapy areas, Doug's broad healthcare experience extends the reach of RAD-Planning's services into operations and patient care that are collateral to radiology. Whether it's an interventional bi-plane suite, or an O.R., or a self-contained outpatient oncology therapy practice, Doug's expertise helps strengthen the designs of RAD-Planning's work throughout out clients' enterprise.

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