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RAD-Planning, is a global leader in Radiology and Imaging Design since 2001. We provide the specialized experience and knowledge required for the design of radiology and imaging facilities internationally, for both public and private clients. We understand the many clinical, operational, and safety issues surrounding diagnostic imaging radiology including the expensive equipment within these spaces.

If you're looking for the foremost experts in designs for medical imaging and therapy, you've found the RADIOLOGY Planning design team that can make that happen for you!


If a complex piece of research or clinical equipment costs more than the building into which it is placed, our mission is to maximize the value of that equipment investment, now and throughout its life, by optimizing the building to meet your needs.






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MRI scanners are no less complicated when they're placed in Riyadh, or Beijing, Bangalore, or Karachi, Rio de Janeiro, or Doha. In fact, in parts of the world without vigorous support infrastructure, placing a $1.5 million 256-slice CT, or a 3 Tesla MRI, benefit even more from design expertise. RADIOLOGY Planning travels the globe to help our clients, wherever they need us, protecting valuable healthcare services and sizeable investments.


Our services span the globe with over 1,000 projects in 11 countries across the World.
Our clients include both public and private healthcare institutions including:
  • United States Department of Veterans Affairs

  • United States Department of Defense

  • Sharp Children’s Hospital

  • Hospital Corporation of America

  • Mayo Clinic

  • BJC Healthcare

  • Massachusetts General Hospital

  • Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh, KSA

  • Stanford Medical Center

  • John Hopkins Medicine

  • Cornell University Medical Center

  • Northwestern University Medical Center

  • University of Missouri Medical Center

  • Cox Medical Center

  • University of Minnesota Healthcare

  • Prime Healthcare Services

Our Imaging Experts have contributed to every major international design guidance document for Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiation Therapy in the last 10 years.


USA Office

5201 Johnson Drive, Suite 303

Mission, KS  66205-2920
tel: 816-332-6590

Monday - Friday 8:30a - 5:30p


You want an experienced, talented, and responsive team to help make your project a success? We’re only a phone call (or email) away.

Thank you. Someone will contact you within 24 hours

GCC Office

Building #2577

Ahmad Bin Qadem St. (87)

Al Shate'e District / 3 PO Box 127460, Jeddah, KSA, 21352

tel: +966 126 120 180


RAD-Planning is a consulting firm made up of architects dedicated to radiology, nuclear medicine, and radiation therapy projects. Nowhere else in the world is a firm that acts as a specialty consultant to project design teams, helping to assure clinical, operational and financial success of imaging services. Nowhere but here!

Call us: 816-332-6590
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